Saturday, March 20, 2010

I hate drama.

You ever had a feeling that someone was talking shit behind your back? You can tell just by the way they be looking at you. Like when there's three of you together & you're the first one to leave - you know them two talk about you the second you walk away.... I think that's going on right now. & I swear, this is why I stay SOLO. I just hate females so much, deadass!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Why are people so nosy?

I have this friend from work . . . We're REAL cool so we're always together. When my store's dead, I go kick it w/ him at his store, which is riiiiight next to mines. Well there are these girls in the mall who are crushing on him hardbody, & they just feel the need to constantly stare & talk shit every time we're together -_- Like wow, what is this, high school? Today me & dude left the mall & went out for lunch... We were gone for like two and a half hours (when you're the BOSS, you can do that lmao) . . When we got back, everyone was staring asking where we went & why we were gone for so long. Like wow, REALLY? He got off at 7:30 & I stayed 'til 9:00, and usually if I leave first he walks me to my car, & seeing as how HE left first, I walked him to his car . . & people really stared like the whole time. Dude like can I fuckin walk my friend to his car? Wow these hating ass bitches, I swear. I hate people who are nosy. Like jus mind your fuckin business & worry about YOURS cuz I got mines.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you going to see your man/girl, why the fuck would you alert them ahead of time that you are coming? Surprise is a bitch. Think about it, if a dude got some shorty on his dick, and he get a text message from his girl saying "I will be there in 15 minutes." He is going to get that bitch out of there, wipe his dick off, clear the messages and recent calls out his phone, get under the covers and when wifey come he's gonna stunt like he's just waking up. You should never let ya girl/man know when you coming. Surprise is a bitch, surprise is how you find out what you need to find out. You won't EVER find out any good shit announcing when you going to be somewhere. The police wouldn't catch nobody if they ANNOUNCED what time they was coming to kick ya fuckin door in. Surprise is a bitch and it's free, so use it. It don't cost a dime to surprise the shit out they ass, shit if you surprise them and aint nothing going on, you be loving them even more, if you surprise them and you do find out something out, well at least you know now. Either way, you can't lose.

Monday, March 15, 2010

"hey wuz gud ma u got a man"

Seriously? People actually say that? Still?! Oh man . . . These men, excuse me, these boys, have yet to learn. First of all . . . We have NO mutual friends on Facebook/MySpace/whatever, how the fuck did you find me? Second of all . . . You can't spell. You expect me to give you the time of day and your unintelligent ass can't even spell a simple sentance consisting of less than 10 words? You really think imma write back? You sound desperate as fuck, and I understand that my shit says single - but niggas still be doing this when the shit clearly say IN A RELATIONSHIP. My nigga, you don't pay attention to what my profile say, you can't spell, you sound desperate, oh AND ya ugly. And you have the nerve to write to me on some "u got a man" bullshit. Get the fuck outta here forreal.

i couldd see you in thiss !

i could see myself driving that too lol :) i like tha wheels on it

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random 101

That's the inside of my new car :) I looooove it, I think it's so sick! I posted it on FB but I figured I'd put it on here too . . . I'm gassed, lol. It's a 2008 Honda Civic EX Navi, 5 spd of course! I can't drive it 'til Thursday cuz my insurance agent is outta the state on vacation - & I'm not gonna risk driving it w/out insurance. That's how I lost my Saab, I drove it around w/out insurance & I got stuck in a flood sooo my car suffered water damage :( Que saaaad.

I got court on April 13th for my speeding ticket that I got on August 3rd of '09 . . . This case been going on FOREVER & I just can't wait for it to be over! I was going 115 in a 65, and if the judge doesn't "excuse" it then it's gonna go on my record as a felony :( not only that, but imma have to re-do driving school, take a 1yr suspension period, & pay a shit load of money. I got my fingers crossed that I can win this shit.

When Alex and I broke up, I didn't go to school for like two weeks, so I fell behind OD! This week we're on Spring break, soooo imma take this time to study all the shit I missed - & my teachers are gonna let me make up everything, thank god! When I go back to school on tha 22nd, imma give it my ALL like I was doing before, cuz this is for my future sooo I gotta stay focused ;) & like the picture says . . . it will all be worth it in the end.
Soooo..... I have a new boo :) ahhhhh man he makes me smile all day long - it's crazy. I'm not gonna say much about it becuz I know people are steady hating on me & what I do, & this is something I definitely want to work out, so imma keep it private deadass. But he's so cute & so sweet & he treats me sooooooo good.

Finally got my new car!

It's not my '08 TL that I dream of every single night, lol. But it is an '08 Civic. It's pretty sexy, might I say so myself :) . . I went to the dealership looking for an '04 Audi, but I fell in love w/ this car. & it's a 5spd too, OH YES! **note to self: stop being a nerd**

I have a lot to write about.

Someone on my formspring reminded me of that, lol.

I'm leaving now, but I'm gonna come back later w/ some pics of my car & some details of what's been going on lately in my super boring life :) OH & I gotta mention my new booooo..... & my new hair color, & the breakup (ew) & everything else.

Staaaayyyy tuuuuuneddddd.

can you please write on your blog more! i know you must be busy, but your thoughts are soooo interesting and so is your life :) (im serious)

awwww lol thanks<3 i HAVE been really busy, work & school & stuff. but i'm gonna write more, promise!

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