Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally got my new car!

It's not my '08 TL that I dream of every single night, lol. But it is an '08 Civic. It's pretty sexy, might I say so myself :) . . I went to the dealership looking for an '04 Audi, but I fell in love w/ this car. & it's a 5spd too, OH YES! **note to self: stop being a nerd**

I have a lot to write about.

Someone on my formspring reminded me of that, lol.

I'm leaving now, but I'm gonna come back later w/ some pics of my car & some details of what's been going on lately in my super boring life :) OH & I gotta mention my new booooo..... & my new hair color, & the breakup (ew) & everything else.

Staaaayyyy tuuuuuneddddd.