Friday, March 19, 2010

Why are people so nosy?

I have this friend from work . . . We're REAL cool so we're always together. When my store's dead, I go kick it w/ him at his store, which is riiiiight next to mines. Well there are these girls in the mall who are crushing on him hardbody, & they just feel the need to constantly stare & talk shit every time we're together -_- Like wow, what is this, high school? Today me & dude left the mall & went out for lunch... We were gone for like two and a half hours (when you're the BOSS, you can do that lmao) . . When we got back, everyone was staring asking where we went & why we were gone for so long. Like wow, REALLY? He got off at 7:30 & I stayed 'til 9:00, and usually if I leave first he walks me to my car, & seeing as how HE left first, I walked him to his car . . & people really stared like the whole time. Dude like can I fuckin walk my friend to his car? Wow these hating ass bitches, I swear. I hate people who are nosy. Like jus mind your fuckin business & worry about YOURS cuz I got mines.