Monday, March 15, 2010

"hey wuz gud ma u got a man"

Seriously? People actually say that? Still?! Oh man . . . These men, excuse me, these boys, have yet to learn. First of all . . . We have NO mutual friends on Facebook/MySpace/whatever, how the fuck did you find me? Second of all . . . You can't spell. You expect me to give you the time of day and your unintelligent ass can't even spell a simple sentance consisting of less than 10 words? You really think imma write back? You sound desperate as fuck, and I understand that my shit says single - but niggas still be doing this when the shit clearly say IN A RELATIONSHIP. My nigga, you don't pay attention to what my profile say, you can't spell, you sound desperate, oh AND ya ugly. And you have the nerve to write to me on some "u got a man" bullshit. Get the fuck outta here forreal.


pennanddpaperr . said...

lol i was just talking to my sister about this SAME THING !