Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random 101

That's the inside of my new car :) I looooove it, I think it's so sick! I posted it on FB but I figured I'd put it on here too . . . I'm gassed, lol. It's a 2008 Honda Civic EX Navi, 5 spd of course! I can't drive it 'til Thursday cuz my insurance agent is outta the state on vacation - & I'm not gonna risk driving it w/out insurance. That's how I lost my Saab, I drove it around w/out insurance & I got stuck in a flood sooo my car suffered water damage :( Que saaaad.

I got court on April 13th for my speeding ticket that I got on August 3rd of '09 . . . This case been going on FOREVER & I just can't wait for it to be over! I was going 115 in a 65, and if the judge doesn't "excuse" it then it's gonna go on my record as a felony :( not only that, but imma have to re-do driving school, take a 1yr suspension period, & pay a shit load of money. I got my fingers crossed that I can win this shit.

When Alex and I broke up, I didn't go to school for like two weeks, so I fell behind OD! This week we're on Spring break, soooo imma take this time to study all the shit I missed - & my teachers are gonna let me make up everything, thank god! When I go back to school on tha 22nd, imma give it my ALL like I was doing before, cuz this is for my future sooo I gotta stay focused ;) & like the picture says . . . it will all be worth it in the end.
Soooo..... I have a new boo :) ahhhhh man he makes me smile all day long - it's crazy. I'm not gonna say much about it becuz I know people are steady hating on me & what I do, & this is something I definitely want to work out, so imma keep it private deadass. But he's so cute & so sweet & he treats me sooooooo good.


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