Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you going to see your man/girl, why the fuck would you alert them ahead of time that you are coming? Surprise is a bitch. Think about it, if a dude got some shorty on his dick, and he get a text message from his girl saying "I will be there in 15 minutes." He is going to get that bitch out of there, wipe his dick off, clear the messages and recent calls out his phone, get under the covers and when wifey come he's gonna stunt like he's just waking up. You should never let ya girl/man know when you coming. Surprise is a bitch, surprise is how you find out what you need to find out. You won't EVER find out any good shit announcing when you going to be somewhere. The police wouldn't catch nobody if they ANNOUNCED what time they was coming to kick ya fuckin door in. Surprise is a bitch and it's free, so use it. It don't cost a dime to surprise the shit out they ass, shit if you surprise them and aint nothing going on, you be loving them even more, if you surprise them and you do find out something out, well at least you know now. Either way, you can't lose.


pennanddpaperr . said...

i feel you on this girl !