Friday, February 26, 2010

Someone please tell me...

....Why this car is soooo fly? When I get mine, it's a wrap. I don't want no basic base trim, though. My shit's gonna be a 2008 6 speed TL-S, yes! The 4th generation TL is not my style. It's straight with a colored front grille, but still - not me. I swear, I been dreaming 'bout owning this car for the last six years. I fell in love with the '04 model the first time I saw it. 3rd generation has my heart! By this time next year, I will have one ;) I'm gonna have to get some good ass insurance though, cuz I'm infamously known for being a little speed demon & totaling cars, lmao.

It sucks being car-less. It sucks even more having a suspended license, cuz even if I had a car, I couldn't drive it! Let this be a lesson learned : I have court in April to decide when I get my license back. Please let it be soon!

Then I'll probably get some basic little car while I stack up my chips so I can get my dream vehicle. Or just let me win the lottery, or something. I aint even asking for much. Just let me win like $30,000. Then I'd be good. Even if I won more money then that, there's no way I'd get a different car, I'd just put way more modifications on it. I still haven't decided if I want black, white, or gray. I know for sure the first thing I'm gonna do is get all-around tint. I hate being stopped at a red light & seeing niggas in the next car over looking at me through the corner of my eye. That shit is so damn annoying. I also want some turbo on that bitch - you gonna hear me coming from a mile away ;) In the back, I'm gonna remove the Acura logo & replace it with an Autobot emblem, soooo sick. Man, lemmii stop dreaming & shit.