Saturday, March 6, 2010

have you ever punched a midget in the nose for eating your gummy bears ....i would that should be a crime .....heres another question why does the muffin man like to drink bleach on the rocks while dancing to techno music in womans undergarments.....

Awwww if this is Tyler, I'd like to thank youuu yet again for making me smile :) I've been in the hospital ALL day & I just needed a smile...... So thanks for the silly questions<3 but I love me some gummii bears so you knoowww I'd punch a midget for steling mines ;)

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Friday, March 5, 2010

are you still with Alex ?

No I'm not.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"dress your best, never get lazy - stuff like that is unattractive"um NOO! being able to stay in &lounge around in sweats to watch movies or whatever with ur bf is the CUTEST. u should be able to be comfortable enough w/ them to scrub sometimes

to each his own, then. if you wanna be around your man in a bummy 'fit, then that's on you. i'd rather look nice for mine & show him what he's got. but like i said, to each his own.

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do you have any tips on having a great relationship? me & my ex were together for 3 yrs.. & now we barely talk but we plan on working things out. ANY good tips on keeping a relationship... strong & healthy?

communication is SO important. respect him/her, trust. never look through their phone/emails/facebook/myspace/etc. if you don't trust them, you shouldn't be with them in the first. never act like you're irreplaceable, because no matter what, you ARE. treat him/her like a king/queen. always dress your best, never get lazy - stuff like that is unattractive. talk about problems like adults, no screaming. before beginning an argument, decide if it's really worth it - more times than not, it won't be. always remember that losing an argument is better than losing them. never act brand new around your friends, treat their family with respect. allow him/her time to spend alone, space is actually healthy in a relationship. let them know every chance you get how much they mean to you. never take them for granted. i know this is all over the place, but it's the best i've got. good luck!

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how many tattoos do you have? and of what?

I currently have two. My name on my left wrist, and stars going down my back. I want to get a few more though :)

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i could see you in this car ! :)

Whoever you are, you know me so well ;) I would definitely drive that!

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