Saturday, March 13, 2010

so i like this guy and he likes me but i think hes playing games and thinks imma joke cuz hes HOT and im pretty but chubby idkk...any advice.

I think it's soooo cool that people ask me for advice :) it makes me feel like my word matters<3 anyways babygirl, listen...... Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. ALWAYS remember that. I've always been chubby but I've never let me stop that from doing anything. Pay attention to th way this kid treats you and acts around you. Some guys just really arent shallow, and they care for more than just looks - maybe he's one of those guys. But honestly sweetie, if you think he's playing games w/ you, then DONT SETTLE. There's a guy out there who willllllll treat you right & do right by you, so never ever settle for leas than that. All in all, give it some more time, & if you're still confused about where things are going w/ him, then just sit him down & talk to him! Hopefully he's honest, and if you guys aren't on tha same page, don't stress it! There are huuuundredddds of other guys ;) good luck!<3

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