Monday, November 16, 2009

" You're forgotten. "

If you feel the need to update your status on myspace/facebook/twitter etc. and say something along the lines of I've moved on, or I forgot him, or I found someone new, you know damn well you didn't. The only reason you put that there in the first was in hopes that he would see it, realize you've moved on (which you haven't) and come running back to you. Well.... It's not going to happen, and you look stupid :\

If you really have moved on, or forgotten him, or found someone new, why do you feel the need to announce it to the world? Why not just let it be? If you really forgot him, you wouldn't be wasting time announcing that you forgot him. You just want him (or someone else) to believe that you did, even though you really didn't.


RoByn LaTice said...

Amen girl! I always think the same thing. This girl made a status that stated " I've finally gotten over my past..I forgot about you [enter ex's name here] because Im now with [enter new bf's name here]...and Im so happy Ive moved on. ! And I just thought *sigh* poor girl. And "*sigh*, poor new boyfriend"

Anonymous said...

This is very true.

her . said...

lol preach it !


madd love,