Sunday, November 8, 2009


I think that if your MySpace is all hooked up yet you live in your mom's house and you still take the bus...... Then you needa go find yourself a job. Seriously if you're 27 yrs old sitting there making yourself a div layout every other night thinking you're the shit cause you know html css and all that geek shit..... Don't flatter yourself cause I'm the shit with layouts and CS4 but I'm making moneyyyyy. As in.... away from my computer. If your ass is sitting on your computer chair 10 hours a day and all you doing is clicking 'home' every other 10 minutes.... then you needa go borrow a gun from somebody and jus end ya life seriously :\ Yea yea I give you props..... You managed to get yourself some 100,000 'friends' yet you don't know any of these fools in 'real life' ..... Getting all gassed up when you get a new comment from some guy/girl telling you that you're cute or your page is hot blah blah blah.... Yet your cell is dry as fuck cus niggas who know you forreal forreal know you aint the business. LOL that's real cute...... Not.


RoByn LaTice said...

Lmao! Hell yea...I agree 100 percent!

Boogie said...

lol to the max.

"borrow a gun from somebody and jus end ya life" classic